Daily Tips unicorn-head-horse-with-a-horn

Our tips are uploaded to our private twitter page before race day and are sent directly to your email address. This gives you two opporutines to recieve our selections and to insure you get the best price possible. We usually tip around 2 selections a day. Sometimes we don’t tip anything.

Betting Bank piggy-bank-with-dollar-coin


This is one of the most important aspects of our service, the betting bank. We advise a bank of between 50-100points to get you through at least one month. We work out your stake per point by dividing your full bank by 2%. For example, a £500 bank would calculate at £10 per point. It is highly recommended you follow the points system everyday and don’t over or under stake.

“BOOM! another big priced winner, my wallet says thanks”

Points Technique atoms-symbol


It really couldn’t be more straightforward…


Personally, we bet £20 singles on each horse, meaning we have banked a cool total of £1400 profit in the month of May 2015. Although we advise to start off with smaller stakes of around £5 and gradually increasing your stake as your profit builds. We have just completed our 20 month of the service, and we are sitting at well over +900 points profit, bringing a total of £18,0000.


Basically, if we were to tip a 4/1 horse to win (decimal odd of 5.00) and your stake is £100 (1 Point) you will get a £500 win, leaving you with +5 points.

If the same horse were to lose, then it would simply be -1 Point.

Being Efficient like


A consistent pattern of betting is essential, and not missing any days during the month. Yes, of course there will be some disappointing results as it is horse racing, however, it is important to note that here at Profit Pony, we will always bounce back stronger. You only have to ask our members.