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The smart and consistent approach to bashing the bookies.

We make betting easy.

About Us

Established in July 2014, Profit Pony has quickly become the leading horse tipping service.

How It Works

Learn about our points strategy and our simple, yet effective technique to make you money.

Our Results

Since our launch in 2014 we’ve made profit every single year.

Why Profit Pony

With more than 8 years experience in the industry we have a proven track record of producing huge profits year in, year out. With such a high demand, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service about.

Making sure to keep things affordable and accessible for our members we only tip 2-4 selections a day, providing full information on why each selection has been chosen.

We send out our selections via email the evening before the races, enabling you to get the best odds and value!

We have many connections within the racing industry, as well as owning our own syndicate horse Carlovian, trained by the fantastic Mark Walford.

What Our Members Say

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of everything we do. Below you can read a snippet of the important feedback provided by our members. We regularly review this feedback to ensure we are alway bring you a top quality service.

“Profit Pony has given me my biggest lifetime win. It came on the last day of Cheltenham 2021. I’ve never used a better service. Since I started is good up till Cheltenham I don’t reckon I’ll hit losses ever again with this service. Month on month showing a profit. Love it and would highly recommend. Sam Munro”

Member Since 2018

Sam M

“Have been with Profit Pony since 2014 and unbelievably I am yet to lose any money!!!! At the end of every year I am always in profit!!!!!! He is a fantastic tipster, a professional, fair service, always responds to any questions asked. If you want to make money this is the guy for you!!!!!! Drew”

Member Since 2014

Andrew W

“As a longtime member, I’m always impressed by the quality and range of the tips offered by Profit Pony. Not tipping for tipping’s sake, but offering clear insights, regular ‘value’ and occasionally that much appreciated ‘info’ that the regular punter doesn’t receive. I can’t recommend the service highly enough (and it pays for itself quickly).”

Member Since 2014

Dave G

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